Weekend OOTD/Recap!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a three-day weekend because of MLK Day so it was extra special! I thought it would be fun to do a little weekend recap of what we did over the past couple days and include Avery and I’s outfits for Saturday and Sunday….I always love to see what other people wear and how they style different pieces!

Saturday: Cameron worked Saturday morning, from 8-12, so Avery and I were on our on for a few hours. Usually Saturday mornings are “cleaning time” for me. I vacuum, clean the bathroom, sweep, and do some laundry. Then I get myself and Avery ready for the day! We had plans to go shopping out-of-town that afternoon, so I try to make sure everything thing is ready to go (diaper bag packed, feed Avery lunch, etc,) so when Cameron gets home we can just leave. The city where we go shopping (because our town has literally next to nothing) is about an hour away, so I save Avery’s nap time for on our way there and the way back. My plan for the afternoon was the usual suspects; Target, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, and Hobby Lobby. I was on the hunt for planner/craft supplies, a Valentine’s Day shirt for Avery, and also a pair of jeans and converse for her….I love shopping for her! So fast forward through a couple of meltdowns, losing her hat in Target, and flopping around like a fish in the cart; overall we had a fun afternoon shopping and it was pretty productive. I didn’t find a V-Day shirt, but I will probably end up ordering online..as usual. We had a nice dinner at Olive Garden, which was super busy, of course! Thank heavens for kids menus with crayons…and stickers!!

weekend outfit C

Here’s my outfit for Saturday! I love simple, classic, colors and patterns. I wanted something that was cute, but still fairly comfy for shopping and walking around.

Black Cardigan-Target

Striped Tee-Target

Maroon Jeggings- I couldn’t find the exact pants, but I got them at Khols just a couple of months ago so you might be able to find them still.

Riding Boots-Target

weekend outfit A

Tunic top-Target

Black Skinny Jeans- Old Navy

Riding boots- The Children’s Place; unfortunately I don’t think these are still available.

Sunday- Sunday morning we went to church and then, if we don’t go to lunch..which we didn’t, we come home and Avery goes down for her nap and Cameron goes to the gym. I use that time to either take a nap of my own or work on a craft project or something. Today, I planned/decorated my weekly spread in my planner. After nap time, we went grocery shopping, grabbed a late lunch, and then came home to just relax and hang out. It was a pretty lazy but relaxing Sunday! I didn’t photo graph our afternoon outfits, because well…it consisted of yoga pants and hoodies, but here’s what we wore to church.

weekend outfit C weekend outfit C

I wore a navy knit dress with 3/4 sleeves, black sweater tights, my riding boots, and my “granny” sweater!

Navy Dress-Forever 21, from like eons ago!

Granny Sweater-Old Navy, but I couldn’t find it when I went to search for the link 🙁 But I love this sweater soooo much! It’s so warm and slouchy and just amazing! I wanted to buy it in all the colors…but I refrained.

Sweater Tights- Payless Shoe Source

Riding Boots-Same as above, from Target.

Here’s my big girl, looking so cute and not like a baby anymore…..sigh

Her dress if from Target, but I believe it’s sold out, and she just has on some black sweater tights from Walmart and her riding boots from before! So cute!

weekend outfit A

Monday- I was off work on Monday, but unfortunately the hubs was not. He also left on business trip for a few days later that afternoon, so it was a pretty uneventful day. There was, however, yoga pants, hot chocolate, and food network involved…so not a terrible day!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing our outfits and reading about what we did over the weekend! I will probably do these once or twice a month, and I might mix in some work week outfit posts as well!

Have a great week!

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