Pudding Project!

Even though I spend a good portion of my day working and playing with toddlers, I still make it a point to do fun projects and crafts with my baby girl when I come home. We did this painting with pudding project a few weeks ago around Valentine’s Day and I think it was a hit! This is by no means a new idea, and I’ve seen this all over Pinterest, but I’ve never actually tried it out myself. So..in case you have ever wondered, here’s what happens when you color vanilla pudding and let a toddler paint with it! Enjoy! ….because you should..you didn’t have to clean up the mess! 🙂

This is just a couple of pictures of the food coloring I used, and what the pudding looks like after you color it! I also went ahead and transferred some of the pudding to smaller bowls. Those stupid containers tip over really easily.

food coloringcolored pudding

pudding in smaller bowls

Here’s the little Picasso, ready to make a mess, I mean, create some art! I ALWAYS tape her paper down…just makes life easier.

ready to paint

I decided to give her a paintbrush to start out with (because holding a utensil is a fine motor skill) and because it’s less messy. 🙂

Avery is always very delicate and cautious whenever we start painting. She’s not one of those kids who just dive right in with both hands. It takes her a minute to really get into it. The first few minutes she was barely dipping the brush in there.

beginning to paintbeginning to paint

Annnddd..there goes the brush. Then she really started having a good time using her hands. This is when I thought the project was really going well! She was being creative, practicing her fine motor skills, and having sensory play all at the same time.

finger painting

finger paintingfinger painting

Then the activity took a drastic turn. Can you guess what happened next??

tasting the paint

Yup. She decided that she wanted to see what this “paint” tasted like. I’m guessing she liked what she tasted on that one little finger, because then the paintbrush decided to make another appearance in this project.

paintbrush as a spoon

Hahaha, if you didn’t know, a paintbrush can double as a spoon!eating the paint

Once she discovered that the “paint” was a snack, then the art project was pretty much over. I encouraged her to keep painting on the paper for a few more minutes, but I was losing her..fast. Now, one of the main reason for even using pudding to paint with is that it’s safe for small babies and toddlers because it’s edible. So I wasn’t overly concerned that she was eating it; I knew it was going to happen. However, since I didn’t really want her to pig out on pudding, I decided that the project should probably be over.all done

After trying this myself, I can honestly say that I would recommend this activity! Avery had a blast painting and she didn’t want to quit. This project was pretty cheap and customizable. I got my pudding cups for a dollar, and by using the food coloring you can make quite a few colors! Yes, the pudding can make the paper soggy if they really glob it on, but I was really surprised that it actually dried on the paper. I would probably say it took over night, but it did dry completely and we were able to hang her masterpiece on the fridge!

So, next time you’re feeling adventurous and want to do something a little out of the ordinary…or you just have some extra pudding lying around, give this project a try! 🙂

 photo C0EB4AB87801C981EEDA04AD03B68C41_zps7c4g0wap.png

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