Memorial Day Decoration

In honor of Memorial Day, I’m going to share with you this super simple and pretty red, white, and blue themed decoration! My dad found this project on the Internet asked me to make it for him to put on my Grandpa’s grave, as he served in the military. It was really easy and only took me about an hour or so. All of my supplies were either from Walmart or Hobby Lobby! Let me show you how I made it!

Original Instructions

The supplies you’ll need are: 

  • 15 yards of red, white, and blue tulle (that’s 15 of each)
  • 10 in. Styrofoam circle
  • 12-15 red, white, and blue flowers; I chose carnations, but it’s whatever you like best!
  • dowel rod, at least 3 ft.
  • Scissors
  • hot glue gun


To get started, I needed to cut all of my tulle strips. I cut 18 strips of each color that were 24″ long. So 18 red, 18 white, and 18 blue.

tulle strips


Now it’s time to tie them all onto the foam circle. By the way, the foam circle should be white…they have the green foam circles in the floral section, but because the tulle is somewhat transparent, you don’t want any green showing through and ruining your color scheme. I found my white circle in the craft section of Hobby Lobby. It was $3.99, but I used my 40% off coupon and that made it only $2.39! Back to the project, to tie the tulle to the circle you’ll need to fold the strip in half, wrap it around the circle, and pull the tails through the loop. It sounds tricky when I’m writing it out like this, but once you’re doing it, it’s pretty self-explanatory. I tried to photograph it as best I could.

tying the tulle


To make each stripe of color really stand out, I tied 3 strips of each tulle color before moving onto the next color. So I tied 3 red, then 3 white, and then 3 blue….and so on; all the way around the circle.

tie 3 in a row

working my way around

halfway there

After all the strips have been tied, here’s what it should look like. The original directions I was following said to use only 15 strips, but once I was finished with mine, I thought it needed to be just a little fuller. So I cut 3 more of each color and tied another cycle of the colors. *The amount of tulle in my list above reflects the extra amount I added on.

before adding the extra stripsafter the extra; much better

Now I plugged in my glue, and while I was waiting for it to heat up, I pulled all of the flowers off of their stems. We don’t need the stems, because we are just gluing the blooms onto the wreath.

pull flowers off the stemsflowers ready to glue

Before I glued on the flowers, I decided to put a little dab of hot glue onto each tulle knot to help hold it in place and keep it from coming undone. I’m not sure if they would have come completely undone, but I wasn’t giving them that option!

I went ahead and laid out the flowers on the wreath in the pattern I wanted, just to make sure I had enough of each color and to check placement and such before they were stuck down. Then I went around my circle and used the hot glue to glue each flower to the wreath. I glued them over the top of the tulle knot because it just made sense to cover that part up. I guess if you like the knot, you can glue them on differently.

gluing on the flowers

Here’s my completed wreath! All that’s left to do now is to poke the dowel rod directly into the foam circle so it can be stuck into the ground. However, at this point, you could totally turn this into a wreath for your door by eliminating the rod and using some ribbon to hang it instead! After seeing this one, I really kind of want to make another one for myself to hang it on my front door. It would be great to leave up through the 4th of July!

poking the rod through*By the way, just in case you hadn’t figured it out, this is not my arm….I waited until we were at the cemetery to stick the rod into the circle…and I made my dad do it!

This turned out really pretty, and was so easy to make! I would absolutely rate this as a beginner skill level project. All you’re doing is tying and gluing. Not hard at all! I also love that this is something a little different from the traditional flower arrangements you see on graves.

If you give this a try, be sure to leave me a photo of your project!

Have a safe a happy Memorial Day!

placing our decorationAvery and I at the cemetery


*I tried something different with this post/tutorial and made a video out of it! This one is just kind of trial run, but my goal is to be able to make some videos for you guys in the future. Sometimes stuff is easy to show in a video than to type out!  Obviously I won’t be able to make them every week or for every blog post, but I’ll keep working on it and see how it goes! DIY Memorial Day Decoration



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  1. Glynda says:

    Wow Charity this is beautiful. It makes me happy to know that you made this to go on Kenneth’s grave. He would be so proud of you and would absolutely be spoiling that little cutie, Avery if he were here today. He would be really proud of Brent, Becky and all of his grandchildren as well. Thanks for the picture of his grave, I do remember it was a beautiful cemetery.
    Again thanks for sharing this. Hugs, Glynda

  2. Glynda says:

    Charity I have a question, on Kenneth’s stone I can’t make out the dates very well but I’m curious as to the dates or what I can see on the left side looks like Kenneth and then there’s Nov. _____ and June ______ and I’m wondering what those dates are, also sometime when you have time I would love to see a picture of the stone because of course it wasn’t up when we came out there for his service. Thanks, Glynda

    • says:

      Oh gosh Glynda, I’m sorry it has taken me this long to reply to you! I appreciate your sweet comments so much, and thank you for taking the time to read my post! As to your question, I’m not exactly sure what the dates are on the stone, but I’m thinking they are his date of birth and date of death because they are just under his name. I don’t have the years in the photo, but the months and days are Nov. 20 ____ and June 12___. My sister was born on June 14th, and I believe he passed away two days before she was born. Next time I visit the cemetery, which might be around the 4th of July, I will be sure take a full picture of the stone and send it to you!

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