Linen Closet Clean Out

Do you ever have the urge to just throw away everything you own?? Well I do. And I’ve been in this kind of mood for the last month or so. I’m just feeling the need to clean out and purge my home of all the junk and clutter that’s just taking up space. As much as I would like to just spend an entire day and do my entire house top to bottom…I know that’s not realistic and for Cameron and Avery’s sake, I need to pace myself! So a couple Saturday’s ago I decided to get to work on a fairly small and manageable area of my house: the linen closet.

Here’s a “before” shot of what the closet looked like when I opened the door. No judgement people.

"before" shot

Yikes. Clearly it’s been a minute since I’ve reorganized in here.

I thought the best plan of attack would be to start at the top and work my way down. On the top shelf I keep the beach towels, extra (old) towels, and some travel cosmetic bags. So I emptied the shelf and then refolded the beach towels so they were nice and neat. I wanted to get rid of some of the extra towels we had, just because we don’t use them too much and I have quite a few. I picked out some of the ones I wanted to keep and refolded them, and then set the rest aside. The travel bags will stay on the shelf so I didn’t really do anything with those.

towel shelf

The next shelf was slightly trickier. This shelf is where I keep all the towels and washcloths that are for the bathroom. Similar to the shelf above, I cleared it out and then started to sort through the mess. We had three “sets” of bath towels, so 6 total, but my sister is moving out soon and asked if I had any towels she could have. So I set one of the older pairs aside for her. We will be fine with just 4 bath towels because Avery has her own towels and I do laundry often enough that we never “run out”. I keep the hand towels and washcloths in a brown rectangle basket that I got from Lowes I think.

towel basket

I weeded out some of those items as well and then refolded them and put them back in the basket. Other items that will stay on the shelf are a stand mirror, cotton balls, and a box of little cups.

The next shelf is where I keep all the towels and such that I use in the kitchen. I did quite a bit of clearing out on this shelf. I threw away all of the old towels and rags that were stained and worn, and then I also decided to get rid of this stack of placemats. I have several sets that I’ve collected over the past few years from Walmart and yard sales, but I just don’t use them anymore. They don’t stay in place on the table and they are a pain to launder. So buh-bye!


I decided however, to keep one set that is still brand new, because it’s in a neutral color and if for some reason, I ever wanted some placemats brown is a nice basic color to have.  That really freed up some space on this shelf, so I was able to refold all my kitchen towels and washcloths and put them in the same container. I used the collapsible organizer bin, I think it’s for dressers, from Dollar General. It fit all the towels and cloths nicely so I did’t have to have them separate anymore. The only other item on this shelf now is a shoebox that has some silverware in it.

towel bin

Looking good so far!

halfway there

Under the kitchen shelf is the “liquids” shelf I guess you could say. This is where I keep soap for the bathroom, medicine, first aid supplies, travel toiletries, hair clippers, and anything else that doesn’t really need to be under the vanity in the bathroom. I threw away a few items that were almost gone or out of date, but mostly this shelf just needed to have stuff put back where it goes. Sometimes when stuff gets used or the closet gets rooted around in, stuff just gets tossed in instead of being put back where it came from. I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about (eye roll). I have another brown basket where I keep my soap from Bath and Bodyworks. It keeps them all nice and contained (standing up) so they don’t get knocked over and spilled.

soap basket

I also have five of these containers from Dollar Tree that I use for storage. I just use some washi tape to label them. One houses medicine and bandaids, one has all my hand sanitizers and holders from Bath and Bodyworks, another has extra toothbrushes and contact lens cases, and one I keep all my items I need for my “Lady Business” in. This is convenient because I can just grab this out and set it in the bathroom at that time of month and put it away when I’m done.

dollar tree bins

The last one I had travel-sized toiletries in it, but I decided to switch it out with another one of those brown baskets instead because I needed something bigger. Eventually I might get something with a lid, but this is fine for now. So I’m using the fifth container to contain large bottles of stuff that had been just sitting on the shelf. Everything always looks neater grouped together.

liquids shelf

Last but most definitely not least, is the bottom of the closet. This tends to be just a catch-all for everything that won’t fit on the shelves. We have a small space heater and fan, toilet brush, Avery’s potty seat, toilet bowl cleaner, extension cords, and just random junk. It seriously needed some attention! I took out the potty seat because Avery really doesn’t use that anymore. I also wound up the extension cords with rubber bands and moved them to the kitchen shelf. The fan and the heater basically just needed to have the cords wound up and arrange more efficiently in the corners of the closet. This area has a lot of bulky items and I needed to rearrange them so they all fit better and more neatly in the space.

bottom area

Well now that we’ve made it through the entire closet, I’m guessing maybe you want to see the “after” shot!? Here it is!

"after" shot

I feel so much better about this space now. I was able to get rid of a bunch of stuff I didn’t need/ wasn’t using, and reorganize what was staying in there to better fit the space. The key to organizing this closet, for me, was to make the everyday items accessible and easy to put away. If items are hard to get to or hard to put away, this closet is going to end up right back where it was in no time! At some point I would like to get a couple more baskets or bins to corral the toilet brush and cleaner, and the iron and extension cords, but for right now they are still easy to reach and put back. Plus, I ended up with a huge pile of towels and such to give to my sister; you’re welcome Rachel! 😉

If you’ve been in the cleaning mood too, I would love to know what you’ve been getting rid of! Let me tell you, I have been on a mission lately and this probably won’t be the last post you’ll see on me purging my house of crap!

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