DIY Wood Christmas Card Holder

Over the last few years I’ve tried several different methods of displaying my Christmas cards and none of them have really worked for me. One year I tried “wrapping” my kitchen cabinets by putting ribbon on the doors and then clothes-pinning the cards onto the ribbon. That didn’t work though, because with all of the opening and closing of the cabinet doors the cards kept falling off…and I hated the way it made my cabinets look cluttered. I also tried hanging them along the garland I usually hang over my windows and entryways…however I had a similar problem. The cards kept..falling…off..sooooo annoying. I can’t even tell you.

So this year I decided that I wanted to make an actual christmas card holder that could display all of my cards in one location and I wouldn’t have to listen to them falling down every three seconds. I found a couple of designs that I liked on Pinterest and then checked my scrap wood pile for something I could use. Obviously it’s going to be using wood, because I can’t seem to get enough of wood/rustic decor these days! Obsessed!

Once I found a piece of wood to use, I had my sweet husband sand it for me. I don’t like using the sander. It’s dusty…very dusty. I’d rather not. After he finished sanding it, I went to work painting/staining it to give it the rustic barn-wood type look that I like.

To achieve this look, I do a combination of staining and white-washing, and I start with the stain. My favorite stain is “Dark Walnut” by Minwax. I’ve been using it on everything lately and I just love it! Here’s what it looked like before any product was applied…just plain old wood. Don’t ask me what kind it is..because I don’t know.


….I honestly don’t even know the measurements of this piece of wood; but I don’t think it matters. You’ll be fine.


Anyway, I painted the stain on with a paintbrush and immediately wiped it off with a cloth/rag. This is what it looks like after I did that. Then I painted on my whitewash mixture. To make this mixture, I used a paint and water ratio of 1:1. I’ve done some experimenting with whitewash and this ratio is just what works best for me. I find it gives me enough white coloring without having to do several coats.

I applied the whitewash and then immediately wiped that off….and then my board looked like this.


I apologize if this box and the baby’s weird-looking face is distracting..I didn’t really think too much about it before… but it’s kind of annoying me now. Oh well. Do your best not to look at it.

Back to the wood. I swear it’s like magic! One minute the wood looked brand new, and now it looks old and gray! I love it! But now we have to let this dry for a little while. I probably left mine for 3 hours before I started handling it. Overnight or 24 hrs would probably be best….but I aint’ got that kind of patience. I just waited until nothing got on my hands when I touched it. 🙂

Now for the fun part. A friend at work let me borrow her Silhouette Portrait, so I used that and some vinyl to create a stencil for my wood. I went with the phrase “merry mail”, and painted it on with some white acrylic paint. I also added a Christmas tree and a star in silver and gold.


To make the “card holder” part, I’m going to use some long strips of ribbon. I found this gorgeous glitter ribbon at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t say no! It’s so pretty! The solid gold ribbon I actually picked up at a thrift store a couple of year ago…but gold ribbon isn’t hard to come by..especially this time of year.


I measured three strips of ribbon at around 2 ft. long and then used some hot glue to secure them to the back of my wood. Depending on how big your piece of wood is you could add more strips if you wanted. I thought three looked nice on mine.


If you hadn’t already guessed….since there are only three strips…I’m sandwiching the solid gold in between two strips of the glitter ribbon. Because it’s my favorite. After the ribbon is glued on, I cut the ends to look a little prettier.


To hang my card holder, I’m going to attach some jute twine to the back as well. Here’s what that looks like.


You could probably use some little picture hangers if you wanted, but using a staple gun to attach the twine worked just fine for me.


Ta da! Doesn’t that look super cute!? I love it! Last but not least, I used some gold spray paint to paint a bunch of clothespins.


My new christmas card holder is going to go right here on the inside of my front door next weekend when I put up my tree and the rest of my Christmas decor! I’m really glad I went with this “gold theme” instead of a more prominent color scheme like red/green. This way, it will match fairly well with any color theme I decide to put on my tree!


If you have any questions about materials/process just let me know! But I want to know: If you send/receive Christmas cards how do you display them?

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  1. Glynda says:

    Hi Charity…..Love this, you did a great job and the idea was great.
    Please post the final look after you add your cards to it. ☺

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