Christmas Wine Bottle Decor

A few days ago, I shared with you guys my wooden christmas card holder/hanger. I’m really excited to put that to good use! However, I know that not everyone sends or receives christmas cards, so maybe that project wasn’t really applicable to you. If that’s the case, no worries! I’m going to show you guys another christmas decor project that I just finished up and this one is perfect for anyone!

As usual, I found the basis for my inspiration on Pinterest, but changed it up a little to meet my taste and preferences…and you can too! So here’s the initial photo I saw on Pinterest that made me want to make this project.


Pretty cute huh! I loved it and thought it would be a great addition to my holiday decor…with a few minor changes!

First thing is first though, you need to get some wine bottles. I didn’t have any on hand, but I was lucky enough that my Dad said he had a few out in his garage. The length of the word you’re going to spell out will determine the amount of bottles you’ll need. I decided to keep the original word of “Joy” and just use three bottles. I almost wanted to do “Noel”, but the area where these are going to sit probably isn’t large enough for four bottles. Plus, I liked the odd number of three.


So now that I have my super unattractive wine bottles, it’s time to start making them a little more attractive. First thing is a coat (or 3) of spray paint. Oh, before we go any farther, I also wanted to mention that this would be really cute with mason jars too! So don’t worry if you don’t have any bottles; nearly any type of empty vessel will work!

Now to paint the bottles. Because the bottles were so dark, it actually took 3 coats of spray paint before they were completely white. Even with that, I was still able to handle them in about 3-4 hours.


Much better!

In the original picture the tops of the bottles were wrapped with some twine, however, I decided I didn’t want to do that, but instead wrap the middle of the bottles with ribbon. Mostly because I’m in love with the ribbon I got from Hobby Lobby! It’s the same ribbon that I used for my Christmas card holder, but I literally want to put it on everything!


It’s so sparkly! I just can’t get enough! You can also kind of see that I decided to paint my letters silver instead of red. I wanted to go with a more “neutral” Christmas color scheme of gold and silver. While I do like the red and white theme, I tend to change my tree colors quite a bit and I wanted this to be able to  fit in with lots of other Christmas colors.


After hot gluing the ribbon around the bottles, I just hot glued the letters onto the bottles. The letters I picked up from Hobby Lobby and they were pretty cheap. I think around $1 a piece.

For the final touch, I needed to decide what type of filler I was going to put in the bottles. This was a tough decision. I probably stood in the aisle at Hobby Lobby for 20 minutes. They had so many pretty choices. I liked the look of the berries that was in the original picture, but I just couldn’t pick what colors to use. They had red and white, gold, silver, all red, and probably like five others. It was agonizing. I finally decided on some gold and cream looking ones that I really love!


I picked up two stems for each bottle, and they were $1.59 a piece…however Christmas stuff was 50% off…so they were a great deal!


Sorry for all of the distractions in this picture. This is the only place in my house with decent lighting at 5pm…thanks daylight savings. Oh and see those towels….my dog has some obsession with pulling them off the oven handle. Those were hanging up about 5 seconds before I took this picture. He ran in, pulled them off, and ran right back out. So I just left them. But the bottles look pretty right?? I think so!

I can’t wait to put these out next week! They turned out so good! This project is also very budget friendly; total cost for these was less than 8 bucks! Which is great, because I can totally reuse these year after year and just change up my filler if I get tired of this look!

I usually put up my Christmas decor the day after Thanksgiving, and I will most likely be sharing some pictures of that stuff next weekend. I love decorating my tree! …And for Christmas in general!


 photo C0EB4AB87801C981EEDA04AD03B68C41_zps7c4g0wap.png

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